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Le Personne Benevolent Trust

Charity No 200290

A bit of history

The Le Personne Benevolent Trust was founded by the late Mr Louis Le Personne in memory of his wife, Henrietta Frances, who died in 1925. She was the first lady County Councillor in Surrey. Having no family, she had devoted her life to helping the community, in particular poor women living in Caterham.

Louis Le Personne died in 1939 and the charity, to be called “The Mrs Henrietta Frances Le Personne Benevolent Trust for Old Womenfolk”, was set up in 1941.

The charity’s primary aim is to provide supported accommodation for older ladies of limited financial means, particularly long term residents of Caterham but also from other areas at the discretion of the Trustees.

The first 22 flats were opened in 1952, followed by a further 20 flats in 1976. A major refurbishment in 2009-10 resulted in a total of 43 one bedroom flats.