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Le Personne Benevolent Trust

Charity No 200290

The legal stuff


The Le Personne Homes is an Almshouse Charity, providing accommodation for older ladies having limited financial means who are able to look after themselves. Priority is given to applicants who are long term residents of Caterham or those with local family connections. However, consideration is also given to applicants from other areas at the discretion of the Trustees.

Residents occupy their homes under licence and not as tenants, as would be the case in other rented property. Ladies applying for a flat will be interviewed by a lady trustee. A meeting of the trustees will then decide if the conditions have been met to provide the applicant with a flat as a beneficiary of the trust.

Residents make a contribution towards the cost of maintaining the almshouses as well as paying for additional support and other services (see “What does it cost?”)